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How Does LifeBTC Work?

1. Register your account

Create your account, log in to your Backoffice and add your BTC address and send fund to your sponsor, that qualify you to start receiving funds.

2. Refer your friends

Please encourage your friends also to donate and receive daily donations. Together we achieve more.

3. Go to success

You find only two people. Duplicate the process. And before you know it, your success is readily achievable.

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What our members say about LifeBTC?

Hugo Long



Thank you Lifebtc for me to this amazing concept, No need to wait for people to confirm my payments thanks to brilliant Idea of using the Transaction Hash ID on the blockchain.

Life BTC



I received valuable help from the people in my community. I trust and thank LifeBTC community. For the future of those who need help to improve their lives. We are always ready for a community accompany LifeBTC on the world.